Time For Some Culture

I have to admit I’m not a culture junkie. I rather go to cinema than to theater, I rather run through a magazine (preferably the latest Vogue) than sit down and read an actual book. (Warning! By “actual book” I do not mean the Harry Potter, the Twilight or the 50 Shades of Grey series .. ) It’s a shame, I know and I really hope that it will come with age. For the sake of my intellectuality, my parents are fond of everything which is culture related, especially my father who – apart from the paragraphs – has a real devotion for contemporary art. For him it all started with collecting paintings. As a result of his “hobby” our home and his bureau look like a museum – there is a painting hanging on every wall. Later on he wanted not only to help the artist with his money but to be part of something enduring. That’s how the idea of joining the members of Amadeus Foundation was born. Since then the soul of this whole Foundation is my father whose second home is found under Veder street 14. This is the “headquarter” of the artists where almost a whole building is at their disposal to paint, sculpt and – as a recent achievement – to exhibit as well.

So far I’ve been a bad daughter of my father – I’ve hardly attended any of his events but this week I made an exception: I went to the opening of the Foundation’s first art gallery, called “AmATár”. Before the start we took some shots with Miki. As it was kind of a laid-back event – no dress code – I voted for a casual and sporty look with a beanie of course! I hope you like it!

Ama 3

Ama 6

Ama 5

Ama 12

Ama 20

Ama 21

Ama 18

Photos by Miklós Horváth

Today I’m wearing:

Coat: H&M | Denim Shirt: H&M | Jeans: Mango | Beanie: Marc Cain | Sunnies: Ray-Ban | Shoes: La Fayette | Watch: Gant | Bracelet: Cruciani (the others have no brand)