New In My Wardrobe

Recently I’ve been locked up in my room and chained to my desk. Reason: My five final exams to get my law degree. If I could turn back time the only advice I’d give to my 18-year-old self is to avoid law school. It’s one thing that I had to learn like a freak during every exam period ( – My favorites were the ones during Christmas when I was sitting under the Christmas tree with one hand unwrapping the presents and with the other holding my piles of notes – ) but these final exams are different … Almost three months of suffering and depression. I praise the ones who are by my side during these times because I’m a “bit” more difficult and whiny than usual. As I can’t really get out of my room (only to the gym to maintain my super body) instead of hitting the stores at Váci street I’ve ordered some goodies from the internet to help me keep positive! Let’s see my mood boosters!

1. ASOS Swing Dress With Long Sleeves

I was hesitating between the black and the grey one but I chose the black one as I can’t really get wrong with that color. It’s a really simple dress, nothing fancy. The emphasis will be on the accessories; I imagined it with a denim jacket and with a big grey/red scarf or with a faux fur collar and below with ankle boots or biker boots.

2. ASOS Skater Dress With Sweetheart Neck

This one is a bit fancier so it will be perfect for a girl night out. The only risky thing with this order is that I really hope my breasts are big enough to fill the dress.

3. ASOS Pack of Two Smooth Double Cuffs

Perfect accessories for a great price!

4. Gina Tricot Piper Top With Silver Studs

I will wear this one for our next photoshoot. It is really simple, the only “extravagance” in it are the studs. It is from Gina Tricot, check their site, they ship to all EU countries. I can only hope that BIK BOK will follow their example.

5. Michael Kors Women’s Ritz Two Tone Watch (Silver)

As my sister  – who is a big watch collector – has recently moved out I no longer have the chance to sneak into her room and steal one of her watches. This exam period has only one advantage: it has a great effect on my bank account! So I could save a little and order this beauty!